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Wine tastings


Ah what a sombre sound the words "wine tasting" make. They conjure Dickensian images of besuited fuddy-duddies talking to each other in very dull voices, using arcane jargon and contriving to leave one feeling no wiser - perhaps more confused than ever - about the subject in hand.


Wine is all about enjoyment. If it is consumed for pleasure then why should learning about it, tasting it, discussing it, be a chore?


Caspar has, for many years, been hosting events around the world; wine tastings that emphasise the lighter side of wine; tastings delivered with enthusiasm and a sense of wonder at the subject. Be portaged through the jargon jungle. Dip your toe in the plenteous stream of beneficence that is the global wine market.


Caspar presents regular tastings to his clients, but is happy to take part in corporate events (something he does with increasing frequency). If you are interested in adding value to your business, or perhaps in attracting a bigger crowd along to a marketing event, do contact us to discuss what's possible.




" One not only drinks wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and - one talks about it. "
 ... Edward VII (1841-1910)



Corporate tastings…

If you are interested in Caspar presenting a tasting for you, your colleagues or your clients, please contact Caspar.