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About Bowes Wine


Bowes Wine is the handbook - a travel guide and thesaurus - to help its clients navigate around the endlessly fascinating (and infinitely complex) kingdom known as Wine.


Bowes Wine is an entirely independent entity; a privately owned trawler that plumbs the profound depths of the vinous oceans of the world, divulging glowing treasures wherever they are to be found.


At Bowes Wine we give ourselves a simple brief: to assist our clients to start and develop collections of good wine - collections that are as varied and eclectic as one's taste and imagination allows.


For those who have not yet made the leap into collecting, Bowes Wine also identifies and offers some really spectacular bottles for current drinking.



Bowes Wine is…


Caspar Bowes


Caspar's career path was directed by obsession; he's still trying to work out just how fruit juice can be so varied.


When he's not thinking about his wife (see below), or wine, he is thinking about his other passions: fly fishing and horticulture. He believes that the latter ties in rather well with the wine side of things.


16 years in the wine trade, including some informative - but not especially enjoyable - time in retail have convinced Caspar that there are many things in the world that one should take seriously, but wine is not one of them. Business, on the other hand, is.

Caspar's most exciting wine moments have been experienced whilst consuming: #1 burgundy; #2= bordeaux and rhône. Occasionally he likes to drink champagne at breakfast time.



Victoria Bowes


Victoria is involved in every aspect of Bowes Wine and is particularly brilliant at those matters that require a combination of concentration and exactitude; Caspar is endlessly grateful for this, as he isn't…


A language graduate (French & Italian), Victoria’s interest in wine blossomed during her year at the University of Siena, Italy. She then embarked on a career in the wine trade: a vintage on a vineyard in the Yarra Valley (Victoria, Australia); several years as Assistant Buyer for a well-known UK fine wine merchant; Honours in her WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Diploma; a brief stint making the 2002 Chablis vintage; and then a move to the West Country to join Caspar and Bowes Wine.


Prior to embracing her role as mother, when not at her desk or at a wine tasting, Victoria could be found fearlessly (and very successfully) wielding a hockey stick, a tennis racket, and a fly rod - and much to Caspar's chagrin, she sometimes caught more fish than him… 


Hockey, tennis and fishing have now, for Victoria, been (temporarily) replaced by pram-pushing, nappy changing and lullaby-singing – but the commitment to her desk (i.e. Bowes Wine) and wine tasting is still as strong as ever.







" Now this is an amusing little Chardonnay... with a surprisingly perky personality, until it is consumed in large quantities, at which point it seems to display some alarming emotional problems. "
 ... From a "Shoe" cartoon



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