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Bowes Wine is open for business as usual, and is obviously complying with all government instructions regarding hygiene and social distancing.

Stock Availability

The office is still manned, albeit with interruptions for home-schooling of children, and orders are being processed promptly. For the time being stock availability is good, both for Bowes Wine and The Daily Drinker. We are endeavouring to ensure the stock availability is up-to-date on both websites. However we do expect some product lines to sell out so please bear with us.

Delivery Timescales

LCB (London City Bond) have confirmed that they are still operational. However, due to staff shortages caused by sickness and self-isolation, they are working at reduced capacity. They have therefore taken the decision to work to a revised, reduced delivery schedule and will no longer be able to offer a guaranteed day for delivery. In short, your orders can still be delivered but will probably take longer than usual. 

Delivery Practices

All LCB drivers will continue to use their E-Pods to ensure deliveries can continue to be tracked. To promote customer safety, and adhere to Government guidelines , customers will have an option as to whether or not they sign the device, and in situations whereby they decline to do so, the driver will deliver the goods and then take a photograph of these which will be uploaded to our system as your proof of delivery.  A paper copy will also be left with the customer.

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