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Consolidation of our brands and wines

Consolidation of our brands and wines

The end of The Daily Drinker Wine Club

After 13 years of running The Daily Drinker Wine Club, we stopped the subscription aspect of the wine club in September 2021. We are no longer offering our wine club memberships nor launching our mixed cases every three months, but we will continue to source, stock and sell a core list of interesting wines, still largely mono-varietal but not exclusively, and all under £20/bottle.

Consolidation of Daily Drinker with Bowes Wine

Perhaps more of interest for Bowes Wine customers is the fact that we have consolidated The Daily Drinker with Bowes Wine, both virtually and physically: all Daily Drinker wines can be found on the Bowes Wine website, and all Daily Drinker wines are now stored at London City Bond Dinton Woods together with our other stockholdings. This means that placing an order across both ranges is now MUCH easier with everything in one place.

Daily Drinker wines are now only sold in six-bottle cases but we are offering FREE DELIVERY on all duty paid orders until 31st December 2021.

If you want to look at JUST Daily Drinker wines, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find the wines on our Bowes Wine website:

1. Link from the Main Navigation at the top of each page.

Wherever you find yourself on the Bowes Wine website, the Main Navigation is always visible and there is a permanent link to Daily Drinker Wines - just look up at the middle of the navigation at the top of the page.

2. Centre of Home Page

The central Quick Link on the Bowes Wine home page (the middle image of the three boxes in the middle of the page) is dedicated to Daily Drinker wines; click on it to be taken to the Daily Drinker Wines.

3. Browse Function

The "Browse Wines" function is available on every page of the site (look high left). Simply click on Browse Wines, then click on Maturity and select Daily Drinker (circled below). This brings up all Daily Drinker wines and you can use any or all of the other options to refine your browsing further - Grape Variety, Country, Colour, Style, Price.

4. Search Bar

Another easy way to browse the Daily Drinker wines, or search more specifically, is to use the Search filter on the left hand side of the wine pages. Again, click on Maturity and select Daily Drinker then use any or all of the other filters to refine your search.

5. The Daily Drinker Green "Seal"

Every Daily Drinker wine has the easily-recognisable Daily Drinker seal next to the bottle image which makes them stand out on a page of wines.

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