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A rising River Tweed under rare sunshineLast Wednesday hosted the annual migration of the UK's wine trade to the Royal Opera House for a tasting to which those merchants dealing with Bordeaux vintages on a yearly basis really look forward, for it offers the chance to taste the most recently-bottled …
They were always going to be big boots to fill...Your guess is as good as mine. Artwork at Chateau KirwanShort blog tonight, as I have to be downstairs for a beer in 10 minutes and much as I enjoy my blogging...Weather-wise, a cooler day with much more cloud. Wine-wise, Day 2 has given ample opportu…
The Ducru-Beaucaillou colour of choice for most if not all its marketing material is orange, but I still had something of a shock when visiting the loo at the propertyI have now arrived back at my hotel room in Blanquefort, just to the south of the Medoc. I have flung open the double doors onto the …
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