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PauillacNB. The figures beneath each wine name relate to the percentage of each grape variety (CS Cabernet Sauvignon, CF Cabernet Franc, M Merlot, PV Petit Verdot) and IPT means Index Phénolique Total (the total level of phenolics including tannin). 2016 Château d'Armailhac, Pauill…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
05 April 2017
Kirwan and the "frog stream"It's been another day of tasting under blue bordelaise skies and warming sunshine. It was a civilised start this morning and even with something of a lie-in and a late departure I arrived half-an-hour early for my appointment at La Mission Haut Brion. Those who follow my …
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
04 April 2017
Kirwan EquipmentBlack kites were carving the air over the Medoc this morning as I drove north for my first appointment. And it seemed that the frogs by the stream at Chateau Kirwan had noticed them too, as they seemed nervous, leaping into the gin-clear water when my shadow fell on them, cutting cha…
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