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I was in Spain last week touring Castilla y Leon under cobalt skies that only served to accent the extraordinary gold of the sun-dried hills in the pared-down landscape through which we drove.I have penned a short report of the trip, which you can read here. And you can expect to see Bowes Wine offe…
A friend's Mayfair tasting is, quite simply, a "must attend" sort of event. In the course of a couple of hours one has the opportunity to taste an eye-opening collection of Spanish beauties, many from wineries of which one has never heard. At this year's event, these Sei Solo wines quite simply rock…
I returned from a short trip to Burgundy late on Wednesday evening following three days of pretty intense tasting. A full report will follow (this in lieu of nightly blogging for which I no longer, I feel, have the stamina), but I can tell you now that 2016 has…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
26 January 2017
N.B. I need a pretty instant response about these wines: by (very) early next week at the latest.Please let me know ASAP if they're of interest.On 12th December last year I attended a tasting in St James's. It's an annual invitation and one that one would find rather hard to rebuff, for deep in a su…
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