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Train tickets to and from London have been my constant companions of late, visits to Capital City being frequent as the spring tasting season gets underway.And crikey, I've been tasting a great many fabulous wines, many of which will be appearing on Bowes Wine offers in the near future. Italy h…
Members of our Daily Drinker educational wine sampling club have received some cracking wines in recent months (even if I do say so myself). Among immediate past mailings have been bottles of wine made from such extraordinary and lesser-known grape varieties as Lacrima, Dafni, Garganega and Tinto Ve…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
04 December 2017
It's Christmas, so that means presents. And sometimes it means presents for those tricky-to-buy-for friends, relatives and colleagues.Bowes Wine might just have the answer to all life's little dilemmas (at least those of the sort outlined  above; we are altogether unable to assist with the alle…
Calling all HK-based clients...The next Crown Cellars shipment from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong will leave the UK on 14th October. Deadline for the receipt of wines is 4th October with the estimated date of arrival in Hong Kong being 10th November 2017.If you wish to add any of your UK-based win…
Caspar Bowes tastes a St Emilion from his birth year and finds a wine still fruity and probably in better condition than he is!…
20 articles 
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