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What looks like the Everglades is actually a watery corner of the gardens at StourheadReading the Home Page of our website, I am shocked at how long it has been since I updated the text. The item starts, "With summer finally poking its head out of the nesting box of weather that has been, to date, d…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
18 August 2008
What looks like pure Highland air is alive with the buzzing of tiny maneatersI've just returned from the north of Scotland and feel as though I have lost weight, despite the fact that we ate and drank very well in the sizeable and highly comfortable lodge in which we found ourselves staying. The rea…
Campanula pyramidalis comes up in a different spot every year and is a rather pretty antidote to the rainAs was summer 2007, so is the same season in '08, just without the beautiful April preceding it. The sun is an infrequent visitor, clouds our more regular heavenly companions. I look out at the …
We count ourselves among the lucky. We have some exceptionally kind friends. And two of them visited last weekend, bringing themselves, a trio of pretty plants for our gardens and some extraordinary bottles. The Mrs half of the couple also brought along some Hopi ear candles with which to extract bl…
Blimey. I retasted, last night, the first pink champagne that we've ever shown on our drinking wine list and, boy, it's a goodie: one of those wines that provokes a further thought or observation with each new sip. Far from being frivolous, pink champagne can offer up something of a transcendental e…
50 articles in Archive
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