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Joseph finds ice cream perfect for maintaining a baby-soft complexionGreece is very hot at the moment. I know this because we have just returned from a fortnight in Kos. The thermometer topped out at 37C on a day when a high wind roared up from Egypt and smothered us like a gust from the roasting ov…
Victoria grabs a bite. The salmon, sadly, don't.The clouds have cleared and it appears that we have something of a summer on our hands: a good thing for the spirits of Blighty-dwellers, lousy for our two days of fishing on the beautiful River Tamar over the weekend. Whilst the water was spot on - ri…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
16 May 2008
The sunset view of the harbour from my hotel window Contrary to expectations, the weather in Hong Kong is behaving itself admirably. Humidity is on the low side for the time of year and temperatures remain in the high twenties, rather than low thirties. Sure, one is only aware that it's a clear day …
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
10 May 2008
The view from the Park Hyatt, ShinjukuMy Virgin Atlantic flight dropped into Tokyo's Narita airport under bright blue skies making a very pleasant change from Wiltshire, where it feels as though it's rained almost non-stop for months.Checking into my hotel, I made a few calls and, further to one of…
Global damping's been in full effect today, slowing my progress up the M4 to London; even worse on the way home, giving band after band of medium to very heavy showers. I utter a prayer of thanks on my return that our house is on a hill. Will all the people living in the valley below want to come an…
50 articles in Archive
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