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Laurence Feraud drawing off a sample for our delectationIt's been cold today. The Mistral has been pushing iced air down from Scandinavia and funnelling it through the narrow neck of the northern Rhône, whipping it up to dizzying speeds. An empty wine vat was found in the middle of the road in…
Isobel Ferrando looking unstressedA new bed (we have changed hotel to something rather more salubrious in Orange); too much heavy food. I don't know, but I slept uneasily and woke wishing it were earlier.Thoughts of our first tasting pulled me from my bed, my heels not dragging too much, motivated, …
The view from our lunch terrace over the vineyards of BandolWe plonked down in our hotel in Avignon last evening and debated what to do for dinner. Was I to drive and be circumspect about the wine I was to consume with the meal? My travelling companion had a quick word with the barman and was told t…
A view from the top. Cornas vineyards descending into the valley.The day dawned overcast and a bite to the morning air suggested that winter is not quite done with the northern Rhône just yet. We weren't surprised to hear from one of the vignerons we visited that there is snow due - and at low…
South from the Hill of HermitageFlying into Chambéry, one has s fine view of the Alps and, indeed, it is largely with skiers that we share the 'plane. Having collected the hire car, however, it is away from, not towards, the mountains that we point the abbreviated snout of what, in modern par…
50 articles in Archive
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