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Posted in by Caspar Bowes
01 September 2009
Over the past year or so we have sampled a number of wines that Bowes Wine has offered in the past. Whilst Caspar would like to have cases in his cellar of all the wines he has ever selected for Bowes Wine offerings, sad to say it is just not possible.Here's a mixed bag of wines we've pulled from Ca…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
25 August 2009
This seemingly innocent, Scanda-wegian-looking landscape hides a ghastly plagueThe common Scottish midge is capable of causing at least as much misery as any other animal on earth. Many's the time I've been fishing and would have happily accepted a crocodile emerging from the river's depths and clam…
The pulpit-like rock from which one can - should one be so inclined - launch oneself into the chill waters of the River FindhornTo set off on a blast up the motorway north from Wiltshire is to launch oneself on a magical journey with the promise of excitement at its end. The threat of sticky jams '…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
28 July 2009
Green woodpeckers, his 'n' hers, on the lawn. In the foreground, Campanula pyramidalis, which has suddenly decided to be white after years of flowering blue We are surrounded by yaffles. They swoop down onto the lawn and probe about for the ants that live there. And they meet with great success; ou…
A merry - if hot and jaded - band being amply fed and watered in the garden of the Hinton Parva Village HallYesterday dawned bright, close and very warm. Mid-day found me wandering into the village hall at Hinton Parva from a steamy car park. The building's interior shade and relative cool was very …
46 articles in Archive
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