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Somerset House, a newly exploited venue for wine tastingsToday's been a little cooler: a relief for chubby, overheated babies and their (only slightly, in some cases) less chubby siblings and parents. The garden has started to take on that baked appearance, looking like it's high summer.Some weeks a…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
30 May 2009
The summer dawnInveigles its wayPastDoorman curtainsCircumnavigating its way'RoundThe guest listAltogetherFrom a drawer by my furrowed bedMy fingers fumble eye shadesBehind twice-weary lidsThey gather the darkAgain, my mind - the empty pageOn which dreams are drawn…
A wiggly glass thing in the fantasy world of the Atlantis Hotel lobbyI hosted a wine tasting for the Dubai Caledonian Society the other evening in a large room in the Dusit Thani Hotel. Completing their AGM at 8.45 or so, the combined throng were then ushered next door for nibbles and the staff set …
Those dancing fountains in a Dubai duskI headed out onto The Palm for lunch yesterday. This man-made island is shaped like a palm tree and, when finished, will feature a massive array of residential property, as well as hotels, shops etc.I was to meet a client at The Atlantis Hotel, an extraordinari…
The view from my hotel room balconyI landed in Dubai last night at 23h30 to find temperatures of 32 degrees, which makes a very welcome change from Wiltshire, a county that's been struggling to slough off the last of winter's skin.I'm staying at the Palace Hotel in The Old Town: something of a misno…
46 articles in Archive
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