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The larval stages of the 2009 vintage at Chateau Smith-Haut-LafitteI have just wandered back from dinner at the Brasserie du Medoc in Blanquefort where one can obtain a gesiers-filled salad starter followed by confit de canard and chips for €20. It's just as well there's a 10 minute walk back f…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
31 March 2009
Chateau Gruaud-Larose, seen from Branaire-DucruAnother crisp morning, but this one after a semi-sleepless night and an unwilling awakening. Sleep left me at 01h45 an I struggled to get back under for the next three hours, eventually resorting to reading my book for a while. Whether this was the effe…
It's a bikini wearing, ice-cream eating cat that greets tasters at Ducru-Beaucaillou. That's all I can tell you.The day dawned bright, sunny and cold. There's was ice on my windscreen that took 5 minutes to clear before I could set off up the Medoc.First appointment was at Chateau Montrose. I was la…
It seems an age since I crawled aboard my flight home from Hong Kong. In reality, it's been just over a week, but a week in which I've been to London for a giant tasting at Lord's cricket ground and been furiously scribbling not one but two Rhone offerings, the second of which - relating to the unmi…
A(nother) view from my hotel, with the Yacht Club in the foreground, the Exhibition Centre (the white cockroach in the middle ground) and IFC2, towering in the distanceI climbed into a taxi on Saturday evening and, in turn, the taxi climbed, ever higher, up The Peak. Atop that illustrious mountain, …
46 articles in Archive
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