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Calycanthus floridus, a relative of Magnolia, the spidery flowers of which smell of wine vinegarI have been playing a bit of golf recently, on one occasion carrying my bag for a full 18 holes. Killing time on the driving range until tee-off the next day, I felt my beleaguered spine "go" and limped …
A Greek chapel, a pond full of frogs - cacophonous at night - and the Med beyondBack, finally, we are from our Grecian holiday and I must say that, four days after returning home, the general feeling of well being/relaxedness/regeneration is still tangibly present. (I should, of course, quantify thi…
Ride for the smaller children at Robin Hill on the Isle of WightWe have just returned from our annual long-weekender on the Isle of Wight with the entire Bowes clan. Saturday was rather mis, weather-wise, and demanded indoor things to do with the children, but Sunday afforded an opportunity to visit…
I have been eating exceptionally well in Hong Kong. Access to the Hong Kong Club is access to excellent F&B of high quality and I have visited a number of times, not least of which was a dinner in the Jackson Room the other evening that was very jolly.It seems ages ago - but in reality is but a …
Not been out and about with my camera, so all I can offer is another - rather dour - view from my hotel window.People have been telling me for some time what a good option New Zealand Air is to Hong Kong, so this time I took the plunge and booked my flight with them. They turned out to be cheaper th…
30 articles in Archive
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