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Posted in by Caspar Bowes
17 June 2011
Other end of the day, but the same viewI've just come in from the garden. 22.17 and still the last vestiges of the day linger. And Being outside again gave me that feeling - a feeling I have increasingly often at this time of year - a wondering: why do we spend so much time indoors? …
A cool and persistently wet Sunday early in a Wiltshire June seems as good a place as any to talk about Bordeaux. From the depths of an en primeur campaign one gets a particular view of the market and a campaign like the present one (I say "like" although I cannot recall any precedent to this curiou…
I've just been out for a walk. It was the sort of walk that becomes essential in late afternoon to someone who has been indoors all day caring for an ill child. Isabella was awake much of last night and, after a short period of sickness, spent the hours of darkness very restless and with a raging te…
On the way to taste the wines of Jean-Luc Thunevin in a St Emilion side street. Note the Wistaria, which is adorning the facades of many a chateau at the moment The vines have become a great deal more leafy in the last week. The summery conditions are blasting them into their full growth cycle and …
The tasting room at Haut-Brion; a sample being poured with the chateau visible through the doorwayWe drove south this morning under pale blue skies that have remained locked over Bordeaux all day. It seems that flights paths bisect one another somewhere over Bordeaux's southern suburbs, for the blu…
22 articles in Archive
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