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The Wines of François MitjavileThere are rather more wine makers that could be described as iconoclasts on the Right Bank of the Gironde than the Left. Whether it is the call of the limestone/clay soils or the Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines that grow in them, the Libourne seems to have more …
This is a time of year that I love in the UK wine trade. Several times a week mornings find me on the train to London and looking forward to giving my senses a proper work-out at one or other of the myriad tastings that populate the autumn season.And it is my intention to scour these events wit…
Dinner in the American Club in Central last evening was a extraordinary feast for the senses. I am told much of the club was refurbished six months ago and it really is very smart indeed: not smart formal, but smart like the finest railway waiting room of the 1950s, complete with some small shiny wh…
Château CitranI was in London yesterday for an annual Bordeaux tasting. An inexplicably conjoined, loose affiliation of diverse châteaux come together each year to show three or four vintages of their wines, to include the new primeurs harvest. On offer were the 2015, 2014, 2013 and…
The tasting room at Château Barde Haut with St Emilion vineyards beyondFirst and foremost, I have to state that there are a great many worse places to find oneself on a wet Thursday morning than in the company of Denis Durantou tasting a line-up of his wines. But anyway, I am getting ahead of …
23 articles in Archive
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