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Calling all HK-based clients...The next Crown Cellars shipment from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong will leave the UK on 14th October. Deadline for the receipt of wines is 4th October with the estimated date of arrival in Hong Kong being 10th November 2017.If you wish to add any of your UK-based win…
Caspar Bowes tastes a St Emilion from his birth year and finds a wine still fruity and probably in better condition than he is!…
GrapePip's new Try-Before-You-Buy service is proving popular with the wine trade. We are offering a marketplace where merchants and importers can sell through end-of-line and other bin-end stocks, allowing those catering for something of a crowd to secure something of a bargain.We know there's …
We were extremely pleased to get such an enthusiastic review for one of our Daily Drinker red wines. We select wines for our sampling club with extreme care and take pride in each and every one of those praise in the national prose is entirely welcome.That's the good news. The bad ne…
If you are organising a party this summer - whether a 21st birthday, a wedding, or just summer drinks - check out our sister company GrapePip's new Try-Before-You-Buy service.Wine merchants are now listing end-of-line and short-dated stock, all perfect for everyday and party drinking, in m…
66 articles in Archive
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