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Posted in by Caspar Bowes
12 June 2018
Ta dah!!! The new Bowes Wine logo. We hope you like it as much as we do.Next step? The new website which is currently "work in progress" but aiming for completion before the end of the summer. Watch this space for more exciting developments...…
With this communication, we start a series of offers relating to single wines that we have tasted recently: wines that have shifted our perceptions and astounded our taste buds. The aim is defined by the term "Backfill & Diversify" i.e. it is an opportunity to pad out one's portfolio with less m…
We were delighted to find out today that The Daily Drinker Wine Club has been shortlisted in the International Wine Challenge 2018 Merchant Awards for Wine Club of the Year!The other two contenders are Lay & Wheeler and The Wine Society. Is 2018 going to to be the year for the small independent?…
There are a number of surprising things about this wine aside from the extraordinary value it represents.For a start, it is made from vines that are grown on their own rootstocks and for one, I feel that this is a special thing. Following the depredations of phylloxera in the early 20th ce…
While I am never quite sure of the meaning intended by the use of words such as "great" and "classic" when applied to wines and vintages, the following have, between them, garnered glowing reports in the press and include some 100-pointers among the list:2009 Château Pichon Longueville au Baro…
50 articles in Archive
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