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Condrieu - that fulsome, exotic white wine from Côte Rôtie's neighbouring and almost equally precipitous commune in the northern Rhône Valley - is a like-it or loathe-it kind of a drink. And I fall into the latter camp…or, at least I do in the normal course of things. Let me…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
11 March 2018
Coravin means one can try bottles in one's cellar without opening themI have been putting my Coravinto good use since I collected a few mixed cases of ready-for-drinking bottles from my own portfolio. Coravin is a genius invention that allow one, via a fine needle, to extract a glass of wine from a …
Train tickets to and from London have been my constant companions of late, visits to Capital City being frequent as the spring tasting season gets underway.And crikey, I've been tasting a great many fabulous wines, many of which will be appearing on Bowes Wine offers in the near future. Italy h…
Members of our Daily Drinker educational wine sampling club have received some cracking wines in recent months (even if I do say so myself). Among immediate past mailings have been bottles of wine made from such extraordinary and lesser-known grape varieties as Lacrima, Dafni, Garganega and Tinto Ve…
The short crop very much in evidence here, as most of these are available in minuscule quantities. Yet nowhere is that true-ism about high quality following a natural shortfall more evident. These 2016s from the venerable house of Bouchard Père et Fils are exceptionally lo…
50 articles in Archive
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