Rosé Wines

Rosé wine can come in a great variety of shades from the deep, almost light red styles popular in Bordeaux (clairette), to the oil de perdrix examples that are little deeper than boldly-coloured white wines. The main methods of production are: a bleeding of pale-coloured juice from a vat of newly-crushed red fruit intended for red wine production; a light maceration of red fruit from which the juice is removed once the desired colour has been attained; a blending of red wine into white wine. This latter process is most common in Champagne.

2 wines
Old World
2020 Rosapasso Pinot Nero, Biscardo
Rosé | Still | 12%
Single Bottle
price duty paid
Old World
2020 Les Deux Anges Rose, Château de l'Escarelle
Rosé | Still | 13%
Single Magnum
price duty paid
Case of 3 Magnums
price duty paid
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