Pinot Gris - Grape Variety

The origins of Pinot Gris are lost in the depths of time, somewhere between the present day and the time of the Pinot family's origin, thought to be c. 2,000 years ago. Pinot Gris, as Pinot Beurot, is thought to have originated in Burgundy. As Fromenteau it appeared very early on to the north of Paris and, indeed, is still a permitted variety in Champagne. Pinot Gris produces anything from massive, rich, spicy wines, both dry and sweet, to the anodyne, characterless fluids seen emanating from the plains of the Veneto, and much in between.

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Old World
2014 Brut Le Nombre d'Or Campaniae Veteres Vites, Aubry
White | Sparkling | 12.5%
Case of 6 Bottles
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