Garnatxa - Grape Variety

Garnatxa is a synonym for, the more commonly used, Grenache. Garnatxa most likely has its origins in Spain (although Sardinia is claimed by some Italian commentators). It is an ubiquitous, old red grape variety that has proven prone to producing sports (genetic mutations). It requires a warm climate due to its extended growing season but this tolerance of hot, dry climates means that it is widely grown in those countries where such conditions are found, i.e. southern France, Spain, Sardinia and the Barossa Valley in Australia. Young Garnatxa wine can be dark and spicy, is often high in alcohol and with low-ish acidity; the wine tends to lose its colour relatively quickly and almost always has a detectable sweetness about it. It expresses terroir well and can, particularly when made from old vineyards, remain balanced even with exaggerated levels of ripeness.

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Old World
2011 Les Manyes, Terroir al Limit
Red | Still | 13.5%
Single Bottle
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