Italian Wine

Italy vies with France every vintage for the top spot of volume exports, yet it is a much more complex wine industry to comprehend than its Gallic neighbour. This is a country carpeted in vines: every region, latitude and more-or-less every altitude is planted with an enviable catalogue of indigenous grapes. Wine growing really took off in Italy in the 2nd century BC and is still an integral part of the peninsula's culture. Despite some bizarre wine laws being implemented over the years, the Italy of recent history has fostered creativity and the quest for quality; it is an exciting country for wine lovers.

2 wines
Old World
2004 Barolo Campé, La Spinetta
Red | Still | 14.5%
Case of 6 Bottles
price under bond
Old World
2004 Barolo Monprivato, Giuseppe Mascarello
Red | Still | 14%
Case of 12 Bottles
price under bond
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