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At Bowes Wine we like to think of ourselves as a trawler dragging a voluminous net through the waters of the wine trade. We pull up familiar tidbits of quality from the light-filled waters near the surface, whilst dredging down in the dark places for those unexpected, luminous oddities that would, perhaps, be outwith the comfort zone of your average drinker, but are the sort of thing for which our adventurous clients thirst.

Ever since 2002 when Bowes Wine was first set up by husband and wife team, Caspar and Victoria Bowes, we have endeavoured to bring exciting wines to our deserving clients. Whether it's a new vintage from a classic region, a parcel of perfectly mature wines, or some left-field juice bottled by a cutting edge experimentalist, Caspar Bowes has always striven to provide a constant source of new, exciting and interesting wines.


Independence is key: we are not obliged to select for sale anything that doesn’t meet and then exceed our expectations. Snobbery is not our bag, though. Nor is scoring wines. If a wine’s going to give its drinker enormous pleasure, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, whether it is red or white, light- or full-bodied, made in a stainless steel vat, barrel or amphora. We will scoop it up and bring it to our private client-base in the UK and the expatriate markets in the Middle and Far East.

Fine wine...

Our e-commerce website brings together the various strands of our business under one e-commerce “roof". As well as bringing our client base new wines which Caspar has sourced, we also list our full company stock holding of fine wine. We have a diverse range of wines from both the classic and the newer wine regions of the world, with young and older vintages.

If you are looking for something and you can't find it on our website, do get in touch as we are very happy to try and source wines on behalf of our customers. 

Broking wines...

We also list a constantly expanding range of broking wines, i.e wines we are selling on behalf of our customers. We have been selling wines to private individuals for over 20 years, during which time, many of our clients have built up significant portfolios of wine. Many of them are now at the stage where they are looking to sell some of those wines, in order to buy others, or simply because they have too many cases of a particular wine. All these wines have been in accredited UK bonded warehouses since first shipment to the UK and we are therefore certain of the "provenance" of these wines. We can list them here on our site with confidence and the e-commerce functionality of our new website enables a smooth, hassle-free checkout process.

In addition to our own clients' wines, we are happy to sell other broking wines as long as there is a demonstrable paper trail of provenance and the wines have been stored in UK bonded warehouse since first shipment. If we sell anything where the provenance has gaps or uncertainties, we will always indicate this on the product details. Should you have any wines you wish to sell, please contact Caspar to discuss.

The Team...

Bowes Wine is a healthily wine-obsessed husband and wife team, comprising Caspar & Victoria Bowes.

Caspar Bowes

Caspar's career path has been directed by obsession; he's still trying to work out just how fruit juice can be so varied. 30 years in the wine trade, including some informative - but not especially enjoyable - time in retail have convinced Caspar that there are many things in the world that one should take seriously, but wine is not one of them. Business, on the other hand, is. Caspar's most exciting wine moments have been experienced whilst consuming: #1 burgundy; #2= bordeaux and rhône. Occasionally he likes to drink champagne at breakfast time. > Email Caspar Bowes

Victoria Bowes

Victoria is involved in every aspect of Bowes Wine and is particularly brilliant at those matters that require a combination of concentration and exactitude; Caspar is endlessly grateful for this, as he isn't… Some 25 years in the wine trade, including stints in vineyards overseas, UK experience as Assistant Buyer for a wholesaler and a fine wine merchant, has cemented Victoria's position as the backbone of the business. > Email Victoria Bowes

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