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The terroir of the departed, Savigny-lès-BeauneBurgundy is a magical, mystical place for wine merchant and aficionado alike, source of some of the world's most stunning wines, at best extraordinarily scintillating amalgams of the most beautiful fruit and profound terroir. It's also a place - …
Looking towards central across the lake in Hong Kong ParkI have just arrived in Singapore, a place which looked bright enough during my taxi ride into town, but the firm splatter of raindrops against my hotel rooom window showed its real intentions re the weather.Hong Kong was busy, starting with a …
A sample of Fixin awaiting our attention outside the Domaine Mortet in Arnaud's absenceI didn't get a chance to pen a post on either my penultimate or final day in Burgundy. Dinner kept me out late for the former, and a woeful collection of misadventures ensured a tardy finish my last night, deliver…
A modest message in the wall of a Meursault back street, yet to ignore it would be to bypass some of the world's finest ChardonnaysIt's been a fine day in Burgundy, starting with thick fog in Corberon. The fog retained its density to the outskirts of Beaune before it lifted, revealing the glowing sl…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
25 October 2011
Mushroom found growing in a wood near our house in CorberonWe are having an afternoon off, for which I am really quite grateful. Towards the end of our last tasting before lunch today, I was starting to feel in need of forty winks and, indeed, back at the gite after fifteen minutes of grazing on goo…
22 articles in Archive
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