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The newly finished ICC, in the top of which will be housed the new Ritz Carlton, towers above expensive residential blocks in KowloonI dropped into Heathrow yesterday morning anticipating a nip in the air and I wasn't disappointed. And the further west I drove, the whiter was the landscape, which su…
The view back to Sheung Wan from Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsoi, the mighty finger of IFC2 picking at the skyWeather continues good in Hong Kong, a contrast, I believe, to what is occurring in the UK, where subzero termpatures and, today, snow, hold sway.I am enjoying using the facilities of the …
The usual: a view from my hotel window in Causeway Bay, looking west towards CentralNow arrived in Hong Kong and I am enjoying the cool autumn air and bright sunlight that currently bathes the SAR.My last few days in Singapore were scented with the fine bouquets of some luminary bottles. At the hous…
Busy times in Singapore. I do like this place, I must say. Once I remember to leave my jacket in the hotel room and to walk at the same pace as the residents, rather than that of someone late for work in the City of London, I suffer less in the heat. And I thought that the jetlag had departed, yet I…
There's usually someone making free with transmittable germs on any long haul flight. Five days - perhaps a week - later, one finds oneself cursing that individual as first one notices the dryness at the back of one's throat and nose, then deals with ensuing cough and persistent nasal drip. Flying f…
30 articles in Archive
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