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A Christmas kite goes tugging through cloudless airI have succumbed, dammit. My smugness has backfired. Having witnessed - sympathetically, I will add -the viral struggling of more-or-less everyone I know, to each advising the use of a product called First Defence when next they feel themselves on t…
This is the classic soil of Chablis: Kimmeridgian limetone containing the fossils of tiny oysters; remnants of a time when this area was covered by the seaI am now back home and, following a period of recovery (as prophesized in my last post, minus the whale music), I have a chance to recount the t…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
11 December 2008
The moody corduroy landscape's swathed in the smoke of burning vine pruningsI climbed into bed at close to one o'clock last evening after hammering out yesterday's blog, only to wake at 05h20 after a period of restless dozing. The room is rather airless and warm - fetid might sum it up quite well - …
A Santenay street scene, no more, no less (oops. It's actually Meursault. I really must pay more attention)The sound of Beaune late at night is very strange. I am here sandwiched between the main tourist season and that time when a percentage of northern Europe moves south for skiing, using the town…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
09 December 2008
The menhir and the ivy...Before detailing today's activities, I must make note of last night's goings on.Back at the hotel, I was amazed to find an institution that had gone from sleepy to riotous. There were Americans everywhere. God alone knew what they were doing there. They can't all have been o…
50 articles in Archive
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