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Posted in by Caspar Bowes
19 December 2013
Ooops. Suddenly occured to me that I hadn't seen - or, indeed, thought about - my blog for a while and see that I haven't posted since Hong Kong, a trip that feels like a distant memory, although in reality it is three months. Decided perhaps I am the world's most hopeless blogger. Everyone tells me…
A rising River Tweed under rare sunshineLast Wednesday hosted the annual migration of the UK's wine trade to the Royal Opera House for a tasting to which those merchants dealing with Bordeaux vintages on a yearly basis really look forward, for it offers the chance to taste the most recently-bottled …
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
06 September 2013
We drank this the other night in the dying days of 2013's summer, sitting outside and gazing up the long valley view to Devizes in the distance.And not to put too fine a point on it, it was a fruit bomb. I was borderline shocked. One encounters so few wines of this style these days. It is almos…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
02 July 2013
Scientists have shown that yoghurt eaten with a plastic spoon tastes measurably richer than the same yoghurt tasted from stainless steel. And this is a mental thing, in case you're wondering whether there's some interaction between yoghurt and plastic that creates this effect. There's not. It's…
Above - overly optimistic outdoor furniture at Cheval Blanc with Evangile in the distanceI am going to keep this short. The cream was thoroughly spread on the cracker some hours ago and said biscuit has now become distinctly soggy.I was unsure how long it would take me to get to my first appointment…
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