Melon de Bourgogne - Grape Variety

Melon de Bourgogne, also simply known as Melon Blanc, is a white grape variety synonymous with Muscadet in the Loire Valley. It is actually the fourth most widely planted white grape variety in France. Melon was transported from Burgundy to the Loire Valley where, in the 16th century, it was popular with the Dutch, as they used it for distilling into brandy, first having flavoured it with spices including nutmeg (noix de muscade in French - one theory as to how Muscadet was so named). It produces fresh wines, with crisp apple and lemon fruit characteristics, plus underlying saline and mineral notes.

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Old World
NV Melon Blanc Cuvée Nocturne, Pierre-Henri Gadais
White | Still | 11%
Case of 6 Bottles
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