Glera (Prosecco) - Grape Variety

Glera is a synonym for the grape variety called Prosecco, but since 2009 is the variety's official name; it was decided by the local consorzio that the name Prosecco should be reserved exclusively for wines covered by Italy's official Prosecco DOCG appellation titles, and should not be used for the grape variety. To complicate matters further, there are actually three Glera/Prosecco varieties: Prosecco Lungo, Prosecco Tondo and Prosecco Nostrano. Whilst the origins are unclear, it seems likely that Prosecco originated in the town of Prosecco, located near the Italian-Slovenian border. Glera produces light, slightly floral sparkling wines that can exhibit tangerine or apple fruit, although a few still wines are also made.




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NV Prosecco Passaparola, Pradio
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