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First Post (is there any other kind, given the state of the Post Office?!)

A number of concerned clients contacted me following my slightly provocatively titled email announcing the publication of Bowes Wine's last newsletter. The provocation was hoped to inspire immediate perusal of the document in question but, given that many of Bowes Wine's clients are too busy to take time out from their daily grind to trawl through the ramblings of an overly-garrulous wine merchant, this was perhaps an unfair supposition. To put your minds at rest, we have simply replaced what had become a very irregular newsletter service...with a blog; nothing more sinister than that.

As with the newsletter, this blog is going to permit me to bare my soul on a number of issues, principally, but not exclusively, wine. I hope to be able to lead you through the world of a wine merchant as I attend wine tastings, visit wine regions and drink bottles of the good stuff.

N.B. Look out for coverage of my first wine buying trip to be published on the blogosphere. I am off to Burgundy on 25th November for a week of top priority, high level wine selection, along with some intense dining experiences. Keep 'em peeled!
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