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Having arrived in glorious weather, hardly less himid than Singapore, but clear and sunny with it, the weather has turned in this Special Administrative Region. I wake this Monday morning to find it very Monday-ish i.e. grey, wet and looking not unlike the sort of Monday morning that'll be dawning in somewhere like, oh, Dorking, in eight hours or so.

Perhaps due to the fact that I had allowed myself to sleep in yesterday morning, I had a great deal of difficulty sleeping last night and finally turned off my light (having had several other aborted attempts punctuated by stints of reading) at 02h30.

I have been enjoying outrageously good F&B. My suit is feeling ever tighter. Meals at Cipriani, Va Bene, a new and very good Italian named W52 on Wyndham St, La Terrasse (a real Old Faithful, at least in Hong Kong terms), The Red Room of the Hong Kong Club, Cecconi, Crown Wine Cellars, Kaka (a new and very capable place down in Kennedy Town) and Lucy's in Stanley have served to lower my centre of gravity and make me fear deep water.

I have also been drinking very well, enjoying the Cannonau-based wines of Argiolas at Cipriani and a fabulous line-up at Crown: 1990 Bollinger Grande Annee from magnum, 1996 Chateau Haut-Bailly, 1995 Hermitage Remizieres and the 2001 Chateauneuf Les Galets Blondes of Patrick Lesec (among many others).

Now I am off to The Dark Side - Kowloon - for my first meeting of the day; Kowloon in the rain. Must remember to borrow a brolly from the concierge on the way out.
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