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Atop the Hill of Hermitage

I always make a detour to get this view from the top of the Hill of Hermitage each time I visit the region. Note the closeness of the valley walls, walls that form a funnel down which the Mistral wind is squeezed and through which it gathers force: a power expended in the southern part of the valley.

From the heights of the hill one can easily hear the clanking sounds and roar of internal combustion that signify the heavy industry undertaken in the area.

Beneath the hill, Tain l'Hermitage lies on the near bank of the river, Tournon facing it on the other side.

The chapel itself is owned by Paul Jaboulet Ainé, a firm recently sold to the Frey family of Château La Lagune in Bordeaux.

Subsoil here is entirely granitic, with a complex covering of topsoils.
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