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High Above Gigondas

Gigondas was one of the Côtes-du-Rhône Villages until 1971, when it was granted its own appellation.

The town is stunning, strewn, as it is, amidst the foothills of the Dentelles de Montmirail. The town itself dates from Roman times.

There are a number of worthy restaurants in the town, but if you can ignore them and keep driving upslope, one is in for a treat. Brave the unmetalled thoroughfare, the lumps and rocks in what quickly becomes no more than a track and one will eventually come to a place among trees that subtly suggests that it is a good place to leave one's car.

One notices rustic wide steps made from logs and one starts to climb. Earth becomes rock, the last section of this staircase increasingly steep. Finally, one steps out onto a belvedere that offers a breathtaking view. One can see right across this vastly wide valley. Often one can make out fighter jets zooming up the valley at a height well below where one is standing. And one can make out the villages - Cairanne, Sablet, Seguret and others - spread widely across the view.

This is a special place. Behind, the toothy ridge of the Dentelles stretches away, below, the vineyards, both terraced and not - of Gigondas spread out below one's feet. It's a place to tarry, feed one's senses and prepare oneselffor more solid fare in one of the restaurants in the town below.
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