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The Gironde, a Château and Its Pine Tree

Head north from Château Montrose, keeping to the estuary, and one comes to Château Meyney. From these vineyards came one of the great insiders' clarets of the 1980s. Today, the reputation of the wine is deservedly growing again under the auspices of Crédit Agricole Grands Crus, the château's owner.

The first structure you'll see is a lamprey netsman's hut, jutting out over the water, and from which large square nets are lowered - baited, presumably - to catch these parasitic, eel-like fish that are a delicacy in this region.

This is the weather we enjoyed for the beginning part of the en primeur week. Château Meyney on the hill, with its associated pine tree, looks very handsome. The open door on the right hand side of the château is the tasting room where I sampled half a dozen wines from the Crédit Agricole portfolio.
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