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Burgundy Day 2 - Morning

The mist has persisted all day. We attempted the road "over the top" from Gamay (where we'd been visiting and tasting at the Domaine Marc Colin) to the hamlet of Blagny. The thought was that we may find ourselves above the fog at altitude. Ha! The photograph above was taken more-or-less at the highest elevation of that road (a drive that can offer the most sublime views in favourable weather). We were encased.

It's been a leisurely morning, I will admit. A paltry pair of tastings, this first at Domaine Camus-Bruchon in Savigny, the second our appointment in the village of Gamay, around which the St Aubin vineyards are arrayed.

And it's been mroe of the same: wines showing the same purity of charming fruit; wines of great typicity, of proper and profound minerality. 2011 wll give great pleasure, no doubt. I just hope we can sell some!
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