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2016 Bordeaux Tasting Notes - Margaux


2016 Château D'Angludet, MargauxA summer pudding of a nose, spicy and fresh. Very, very fresh palate. I like this. Very cool and just about medium weight. Fine, integrated tannin well cached. Quite linear and there's a burst at the death. Very good indeed.

2016 Château Brane Cantenac, Margaux70CS; 27M; 2CF. 1Carm. 13.3%abv. 80IPT.
Nice and purely creamy of ripe blackcurrants. A dense and cool wine. Blackcurrant with integrated structure, a touch saline and fresh. Elegant, pure and complete wine.

2016 Château Dauzac, Margaux
71CS; 29M. 13.5%abv.
Nose a ripe extract of slightly dried red and blackcurrant fruit. Cool and direct and backward. Very mineral wine, really quite spicy, with a limestone freshness. Pretty elemental.
2016 Château Desmirail, Margaux
Smoky nose a touch reduced. Milk chocolate wood. This is backward and linear and nicely long, with paste-like, fine tannins. Limestone texture; fresh and energetic. Finishes really well. Very cool customer. 

2016 Château Giscours, Margaux
81CS; 19M. 80IPT.
This is a touch reduced: smells of smokily pure black reserved and classy blackcurrant. Dew-fresh blueberries and spice. This is cool and rich and highly, ripely structured. Big wine and a mineral drive. Sustained burly grip. Loaded with rich tannins. Fresh and balanced. Really very nice.

2016 Blason d'Issan, Margaux
60M; 40CS. 13.28%abv. 70IPT. 
Red cream and black spice with a touch of smoky reduction perhaps. Creamy-cool and rich palate. Very fine, integrated tannin becoming piquant and more upright, long and lively with a juicy reckoning. Very long. Serious, elegant, minerally and fresh.

2016 Château d'Issan, Margaux
64CS; 36M. 13.34%abv. 72IPT.
Hint of roses about the red pure aristo fruit. Spice and class here. A highht-toned note of very pure blackcurrant fruit. Entry is cool and supple. Easy balance. Confident and pretty with a core of saline minerality. Lovely saline grip. Long, with a finish running on juicy, incisive freshness. Fabulous!

2016 Château Kirwan, Margaux
55CS; 33M; 7CFl 5PV. 70IPT.
Sauvages garden of dark flowers, plus some smoke and tobacco spice. Nose is not, however, that pronounced. Cool, backward wine with very elegant tannins: integrated, ripe and amicable. Very cool wine. Densely structured and nicely pure. Long, with tacky grip.

2016 Château Labégorce, Margaux
Smoky-oaky and reductive notes, plus red, ripe plum fruit. Creamy rich fruit up front, but quickly stuffed with very tacky-finelimestone structure. Long, with juicy grip and sustained power. A big thing this and highly structured.

2016 Château Lascombes, Margaux
50M; 47CS; 3PV.
Nose of red and black fruit, a touch creamy. Something sauvages in the aromas: raspsberry. Creamy entry, then loaded with firm, rich, slabby tannin. Elemental and uber-cool plum snap and very rockily mineral. Tacky-long and mineral. BIG wine of assertive structure. Oof.

2016 Château Malescot St Exupéry, Margaux
55CS; 27M; 6CF; 2PV. 13.3%abv. 79IPT.
Midnight. Fruit aromas of mainly very dark plum and dark spice. This is reserved. The palate is rich and highly, piquantly structured right through. A backward wine, very long and very minerally fresh. Very dark, pure, snappy, midnight plum flavours. Rocky, backward and very long. Should be excellent.

2016 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux, Margaux
84CS; 13M; 3PV. 13%abv 70IPT.
Apple blossom inflected blackcurrant pure snappy nose. Good purity and energy to the aromas. Creamy-rich entry of pure blackcurrant fruit within which are fine, internalised tannins that are piquant, a touch spicy. Easy going and long and quite forward. Great sustain and nice intensity too.

2016 Château Margaux, Margaux

94CS; 2M and PV. 73IPT.
Floral and spring-like blackcurrant aromas. Very pure and snappy; super-pure and delightfully transparent. Palate is rich and a touch creamy; again super-pure blackcurrant, floral flavours. It gains richly in minerality and mineral grip. Juicy length and there's a core of really firm, grippy-fresh minerals that are really upright, clad in couture clothing. Lovely.

2016 Château Marquis de Terme, Margaux
Bit of a cold liqueur here. Pot pourri and damson/sloe fruit. This is rich and there's a touch of creaminess to the cool blackcurrant fruit. Then quite an intense, linear, minerally rocky push to the very long finish. Very long, this. This has a floral purity and is quite serious, albeit just medium-bodied.

2016 Château Monbrison, Margaux
26M; 74CS.
Very, very deeply coloured. Aromas are floral and clay-like and dark and darkly spiced. This is a very cool and direct example, quite backward and it is tacky with fine tannin. Very fresh and floral cool fruit and dawn-picked blackcurrants. Lovely long and tacky wine. Fab.

2016 Alter Ego de Palmer, Margaux
48CS; 40M; 12PV. 13%abv.
Touch of breadth - tired sample? Extracted, dense, fresh blackcurrant-pure wine full of rich, ripe structure. Really fresh, with lasting, juicy, incisive grip. Very, very long and rather fabulous. 
2nd bottle - black cherry purity and spice. Cool and controlled wine, direct and linear. Fresh and sustained. Very long and there's an upward push at the finish. Black cherry and blackcurrants delicious fruit. Finish comes with mixed herbs.

2016 Château Palmer, Margaux
47M; 47CS; 6PV.
Quite shy, but there's spice here and dark plum. Very beautiful fruit. Complete and rich and dark and amicable and full of slightly toasty structure. Long. Cool, rich and very long. Core of upright structure within. Fabulous example. 

2016 Château Prieuré Lichine, Margaux
Floral-pure blackcurrant aromas with a hint of iodine and nut and something glacé. This is cool and rich and tacky on the palate with upright tannins. Long, rocky grip. Very long. Pretty burly and juicy through. Seems very good.

2016 Château Rauzan Gassies, Margaux
Mulberry-fresh aromas and dark blackcurrant. This is pretty austere, offers a limestone rock mouthful and wood tannins. Long and bristling. Hard work. Could come 'round.

2016 Château Rauzan Ségla, Margaux
68CS; 30M; 2PV. 68IPT.
Nose a real pot pourri here. Airy, dark, sauvages fruit of damson, sloe, with a hint of violet and spicy notes. Dense and very cool wine; direct and linear. Rich, fine tannins. Deliciously pure fruit and saline structure. Direct, complete, long and assured. Class! Stuffed, but very elegant.

2016 Château Siran, Margaux
46CS; 44M; 9PV; 1CF. 14%abv.
A dry and limestone sort of nose with some dark and pure floral fruit aromas. This is cool and rich and nutty. Great lift of grip early on. Almond flavoured rich tannins. Dense, cool and assured.

2016 Château du Tertre, Margaux
75CS; 10M; 10CF; 5PV. 13%abv.
The usual pot pourri of fresh flowers, all dark, plus the blackcurrant fruit. There's richness here and a touch of spice. Cool - very cool, in fact and there's a touch of friendly creaminess to the fruit: mostly red. Fine but quite assertive spiced tannins are upright. Nice finish. Quite classy. 

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