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Christmas Shopping

It's Christmas, so that means presents. And sometimes it means presents for those tricky-to-buy-for friends, relatives and colleagues.

Bowes Wine might just have the answer to all life's little dilemmas (at least those of the sort outlined  above; we are altogether unable to assist with the alleviation of crow's feet or the training of wayward pets). What, after all, could be better than buying a supremely welcome vinous voyage of discovery that is comprised of a series of gifts that arrive throughout the coming year? Or how about something to take a bit of weight off the Yuletide planning? Plug a hole in someone's F&B quandaries for a great many brownie points.

Here are some top-notch and creative prezzies that will lead you to make friends and, quite possibly, influence people:

The Daily Drinker Wine Club Membership
The Daily Drinker Wine Club Membership
Listed by The Independent as one of the nine best wine clubs in the UK and described by respected wine writer Tom Cannavan as "a business that does not just pay lip-service to offering something different - something that's a real alternative to the High Street - but which lives and breathes it" and "'the place to discover and learn about wine". Different levels of membership allow one to tailor-make a fascinating gift for deserving wine lovers. Learn more...

Peat-smoked salmon
Smoked salmon 
Once again, we are offering Scottish peat-smoked salmon, described by Prue Leith as "the best in the world". This is a full-flavoured, firmly-fleshed fish of enormous distinction. It also freezes very well, so we can organise a delivery now that will be perfect for Christmas. Various sizes available, both sliced and unsliced. Please contact us for more information.

Bowes Wine wine gifts
Mix a case to fit your requirements, send a case of champagne, pick out a case of white burgundy that will cosy up to the Christmas turkey in perfect fashion. We can find something to make the beneficiary very happy indeed. Or go to the Wine Gifts page of the Daily Drinker website to browse our two-bottle wine gifts.

Stocking fillers from The Daily Drinker
Stocking fillers

And remember, all and any of the above can be sent with a gift message or even a hand-written card!

Contact us if we can help you with your Christmas shopping!
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