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2016 Burgundy Vintage Video Report

2016 Burgundy Vintage Video Report
This is my view, mid-tasting at François Lamarche in Vosne-Romanée. The map is useful and saves one asking lots of questions about the exact location of the domaine's vines. And I always remove the cone-shaped lid from the spittoon. With it in place, I have all too often found myself on the receiving end of serious splash-back, often in one eye or the other, leading one's host to wonder whether their guest has just suffered the sudden onset of an especially virulent stye.

I was in Burgundy a fortnight ago for a few days' tasting the 2016 vintage. And I thought that, rather than penning the usual turgid observations the like of which you are probably seeing from a great many merchants, I would record a video report instead.

And I thought that, whilst doing that, what would be better than to include a tasting note of - what else? - a rather nifty burgundy.

You can click here to view the recording.
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