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The 2016 primeurs campaign is in full-ish swing and I find myself as exasperated as the negociants in Bordeaux to whom I have been talking. The chateaux are at it again. 2016 is a seriously big vintage, yet the wines are being released in minuscule tranches in order to force the market ever higher.P…
View from Deans' YardChurch House in Dean's Yard in Westminster has become something of a regular venue for tastings various and I make my way there from Westminster tube on autopilot: a state that did not make me oblivious to the irony of a judas tree flowering within the yard itself.This was an an…
St EstèpheNB. The figures beneath each wine name relate to the percentage of each grape variety (CS Cabernet Sauvignon, CF Cabernet Franc, M Merlot, PV Petit Verdot) and IPT means Index Phénolique Total (the total level of phenolics including tannin). 2016 Château Capbern Ga…
Posted in by Caspar Bowes
03 April 2017
The day rose, quite literally, as fog smothered the Médoc this morning and it was only when the sun started to burn it away that the chateaux and, finally, vineyards, became visible, lifting like a soufflé out of the vapours. My arrival at Ducru was timely and my decision to stop …
Ballet, Not Body-BuildingWhat a lot of wine: the new cellar at Château Montrose Can you remember the days when Bordeaux was affordable? Barely. But do you recall when you last tasted claret that tasted like...well...claret: cool and savoury and sculp…
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