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2019 Mourvèdre Illégal, Olivier Coste

2019 Mourvèdre Illégal, Olivier Coste

Ref: COST190
Red  |  Still  |  13% ABV

Wine Variety: As Monastrell, this variety is now thought to have originated in Valencia, its name suggesting that it was originally cultivated by monks for religious purposes. The name Mourvèdre is derived from the Catalan name for a port north of Valencia from where wine was exported. Another synonym - Mataro - is also a Mediterranean port. It is a sun-loving plant.

Wine Region: We're in the Hérault Département here, part of the Languedoc. The Languedoc lies in south central France. Taking in the three départments of Aube, Hérault and Gard, it stretches from the Rhône in the east to the Roussillon (with which it is often associated) in the west. Here are planted something like a quarter of all French vineyards. Much of the wine produced here is non-AC i.e. the region is responsible for a great deal of what the Americans would call “jug wine”. Residents of the region at one time spoke Occitan, hence the name Langue d'Oc. 

Wine Producer: Olivier Coste runs his family’s wine estate, which was founded in 1701 in Pézenas. The vineyards are located a few kilometres from Pézenas where the Mediterranean Sea asserts its influence on the vines. The estate is certified HVE3, which complements the family’s existing ‘Carbon Neutral’ approach. They reduce their CO2 emissions, keeping them to a minimum and offset the rest by financing ecological initiatives, including projects in India. 

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Wine Details
Wine Details
ProducerProducer: Olivier Coste
AppellationAppellation: Vin de France
Old or New WorldOld/New World: Old World
CountryCountry: France
ColourColour: Red
StyleStyle: Still
ABV% ABV: 13%
Drink DatesDrink Dates: 2021-2023
MaturityMaturity: Daily Drinker
SweetnessSweetness: 1
Grape VarietyGrape Variety: Mourvèdre
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes

Very good colour: a medium plus ruby red with blue-ish lights. There’s a herbal note – something like ivy leaf – along with scents of nuts and the black plum fruit, with bits of dark cherry. It’s really quite scented. I could smell it across the room as soon as the top came off. In the mouth, the fruit is plush up front. It’s a warm day and I almost wonder whether this wouldn’t be improved by 20 minutes in the fridge. Half way through, the palate picks up some really firm and juicy acidity, along with powdery/earthy textured tannin. This is quite bold and really rather delicious. It’s also improved immensely by breathing. I preferred it the next day.

#3wordtastingnotes: scented, plush, bold

Sweetness Explained
Sweetness Explained


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Location Explained
Location Explained


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Pricing Information
Pricing Information


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