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2021 Les Deux Anges Rose, Château de l'Escarelle

2021 Les Deux Anges Rose, Château de l'Escarelle

Ref: ANGE210
Rosé  |  Still  |  13% ABV

Wine Varieties: This wine is a blend of three different varieties (60%, 20%, 20% respectively):
Syrah - 
Syrah - or Shiraz - is a French dark-skinned red grape variety. Despite numerous legends about Syrah's origins, DNA profiling has now found that this grape is the offspring of two obscure southern French varieties: Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza. It is therefore now accepted as fact that Syrah's origins lie in the northern Rhône Valley. The father of the Australian wine industry - Scotsman James Busby - took Syrah (he called it both Scyras and Ciras) to that country in the mid-19th century and it is now thought that Australia can boast the oldest Syrah vineyards in the world.
Grenache - Ubiquitous, old variety that has proven prone to producing sports (genetic mutations) and that most likely has its origins in Spain (although Sardinia is claimed by some Italian commentators). Grenache requires a warm climate due to its extended growing season; its tolerance of hot, dry climates means that it is widely grown in those locations where such conditions are found. It is the second most planted grape in France after Merlot. 
Cinsault - This is clearly an old variety. DNA analysis suggests that it hails from the Languedoc area of southern France, yet it long ago spread its wings and colonised parts of Spain and southern Italy. Cinsault is very resistant to heat, so is ideal for the Mediterranean climate. Cinsault was crossed with Pinot Noir to create the Cape's own Pinotage grape. 

Wine Region: Provence is a large region of south-east France, the wine production of which is c. 80% rosé (although it also boasts one of France's finest red wine appellations in Bandol). Provence has changed hands many times over the course of history, latterly having been under the control of Sardinia for most of the 19th century. 

Wine Producer: Chateau de l’Escarelle of one of the most prestigious wine estates in the heart of Provence, with 100 hectares of organically certified vineyards set in 1,000 hectares of beautiful woodland. In the past year this property has made impressive steps to establish itself as a major player of sustainable agriculture in France. In 2016 the estate achieved Haute Valeur Environnementale certification (France’s most stringent environmental certification scheme, level 3), demonstrating their deep-rooted commitment to protecting the natural world. Their vines are planted at up to 500 metres above sea level, hugging the slopes of the Montagne de La Loube and adapting to the estates' clay and limestone soil profile. The terroir’s distinctive character is perfect for creating highly-expressive, elegant Rosé wines.

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Wine Details
Wine Details
ProducerProducer: Château de l'Escarelle
AppellationAppellation: AOP Côteaux Varois en Provence
Old or New WorldOld/New World: Old World
CountryCountry: France
RegionRegion: Provence
ColourColour: Rosé
StyleStyle: Still
ABV% ABV: 13%
Drink DatesDrink Dates: 2022-2024
MaturityMaturity: Daily Drinker
SweetnessSweetness: 1
Grape VarietyGrape Variety: Cinsault, Grenache
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes

Really pale partridge eye in colour. The nose offers an alluring wisp of wild strawberry, along with pear liqueur, all a touch floral. It is holding a bit in reserve, so another month or two of bottle ageing will do it no harm at all. The palate is quickly and incisively fresh, showing a dryly mineral structure, very spicy. There's a rocky/sandy texture within. A nicely dense wine, the finish busy with its structure. Several cuts above, this...

#3wordtastingnote: wild strawberry, fresh, subtle

Sweetness Explained
Sweetness Explained


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Location Explained
Location Explained


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Pricing Information
Pricing Information


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