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2019 Sidalan, Pasaeli

2019 Sidalan, Pasaeli

Ref: PASA190
White  |  Still  |  12% ABV

Wine importer Seyit Karagözoglu founded Pasaeli in January 2000 and two years later, after much research, planted two vineyards in Kaynaklar, Izmir, and Hosköy, Tekirdag. The Turkish wine industry has expanded greatly in recent years but it has largely been off the back of international varieties. Pasaeli aims specifically to promote and protect the indigenous grape varieties of Anatolia and Thrace. Seyit has acquired new vineyards in different parts of Turkey throughout the last two decades and has played a big role in the revival of the indigenous varieties, earning international acclaim in the process. His Yapincak vineyard for example is at Sarköy, Tekirdag, which is about 20km away from their Hosköy vineyard, both overlooking the Sea of Marmara. In 2019, Seyit bought the vineyard at Gedik in Çanakkale, where he's been buying Karasakiz for many years. It's about 70km from the site of ancient Troy, with free-standing bush vines 500m above sea level and over 30-years-old.

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Wine Details
Wine Details
ProducerProducer: Pasaeli
Old or New WorldOld/New World: Old World
CountryCountry: Turkey
ColourColour: White
StyleStyle: Still
ABV% ABV: 12%
Drink DatesDrink Dates: 2021-2024
MaturityMaturity: Ready to Drink
SweetnessSweetness: 1
Grape VarietyGrape Variety: Sidalan
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes

"Very pale with a light green cast. Pure, green-fruited aroma entangled with a stoniness that makes this a non-fruity wine, with greater intensity on the palate than I expected. There's taut citrus, herbs and a strongly mineral quality that owner Seyit Karagozoglu rightly describes as saline. And, as in previous vintages, a suggestion of dried grasses. The saltiness makes the crisp finish particularly mouth-watering. It seems to have a little more intensity than the 2018. Pasaeli goes from strength to strength even though the wines are subject to notable vintage variation because there is so little of these rare varieties. I'd love to taste this in a couple of years." Julia Harding MW

Sweetness Explained
Sweetness Explained


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Location Explained
Location Explained


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Pricing Information
Pricing Information


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