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2016 Bordeaux Tasting Notes - Pomerol

2016 Château Beauregard, Pomerol

80M; 20CF. 13.5%abv.
Fresh plum and apple blossom and a clay-like, spicy aromas like Indian spice. Cool and very quickly grippy wine with a clay squeeze. Fresh, juicy throughput. Long and quite assertive, this.

2016 Château Bon Pasteur, Pomerol
80M; 20CF. 14.3%abv.
Creamy-dark nose with nutty spice. Black, slightly peppery plum fruit. Rich and cool and very dark entry of peppery plums. This quickly takes on a BIG clay grip and lots of spice at the back end. Very, very long and has lots of energy.

2016 Château La Cabanne, Pomerol
94M; 6CF. 14.4%abv.Rich dark nose of gingerbread and plum cream. Dark and very piquant. Backward. Really quite a burly thing, this, with big, tacky tannins. Long, but…

2016 Château Clinet, Pomerol
90M; 10CS. 14%abv.Very deeply coloured. Very pungent wine. Very dark with dark chocolate and dried herbs. Pretty dry aromas, although it is a pungent thing. Very quickly fresh palate. Very, very black indeed. Highly structured with masses of pippy, very tacky tannins. A hard taste, this. Uber-cool and really quite unyielding at the moment. Hmm.

2016 Château La Conseillante, Pomerol
80M; 20CF. 14%abv.
Lovely rich black cherry purity of some airiness and a hint of hazelnut. Red fruit too and hints of spice. High, very tacky-fresh tannins. Really juicy throughput here, then clay-like grip to the back. Deliciously black fruited: bramble and plum. Very long and direct. A stunner. 
2016 Château La Croix de Gay, Pomerol

95M; 5CF. Midnight. Smoky-dense and minty thing. Broodingly firm, with black plum fruit, mentholated. Plush, ripe black plum entry. Nice integrated tacky tannins. Good sustain. Long and tasty and not too forced. Fresh and with quite incisive grip at the rear.
2016 Château Evangile, Pomerol

92M; 8CF. 79IPT. 14.8%abv.
Nice domestic tang of dark fruit and a hint of liquorice. Pure black plums, sweet, yet just ripe. Aristo. And there's something minty here. Rich and really plush and mouthfilling entry from which emerges a core of really firm clay-like structure. Great tang to this. It is energetic, with high grip. Very mineral death.

2016 Château Gazin, Pomerol
87M; 5CF; 8CS. 14%abv.Smoky-rich and pure black cherry and plum fruit. Meaty, this, almost a touch funky. The palate is lovely, with natural dark plum and mulberry fruit and very credible tannin. A dart of spicy minerality. Fresh wine, energetic and long with fine sustain. Densely structured, bgut elegant. Red and black. Lovely.

2016 Château Moulinet, Pomerol
90M; 10CF.
Lovely pure Merlot plums, fresh and a touch saline. Rich, plush, creamy entry. There are some upright tannins within. Nicely fresh,  but warm and forward. 

2016 Le Jardin de Petit Village

100M. 14%abv.
Smells of clay, nuts and plum. Pretty forward, this, offering pure, plum, airy fruit. Nicely long. Elegant and easy.

2016 Château Petit Village, Pomerol
77M; 14CF; 9CS. 14.3%abv. 
This is deeper and less forthcoming than its second wine: a bit shy, even. Entry is very cool and rich with very fine tannic grip into the long term. This is a huicy-fresh wine of fine drive and energy. Red fruit and darker, quite domestic. There's good tang here and good powerful push. PV seems to be improving year-on-year. They've nailed the '16 vintage.

2016 Château La Pointe, Pomerol
Dark fruit and a touch of menthol to the black plum. Almost a bit creamy, the dark plum fruit. Lots of structure. Hmm. 
2016 Vieux Château Certan, Pomerol

85M; 14CF; 1CS. 14.5%abv.
Lovely pure aromas of reserved and aristo, very dark cherry and plum fresh fruit, with a hint of liquorice. There's an orange scent…almost a peachiness. Lovely, lovely dark, classy plum and liquorice entry. The tannins are superb: rich and very upright and gripping determinedly. Clay-like texture at the core is really firm: fist/glove thing. Touch of warmth at the end.

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