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2016 Bordeaux Tasting Notes - Sweet White

2016 Château d'Arche, Sauternes
Rather a simple nose of (esp) apple fruit. Not much sign of botrytis. Fresh and ginger-spiced palate. Real good tang here and very nice concentration and shape. Mineral freshness. But where's the botrytis?
2016 Château Bastor Lamontagne, Sauternes

Rather nice orange and pink grapefruit aromas very a veneer of creamy botrytis. Really pretty sweet this. Lime-rich fruit and a burnt sugar note. Nicely clean finish.
2016 Château Broustet, Sauternes
Simple, with fresh ginger notes. This is very, very gingery in its spice. Dense with fine mineral grip. Length good, but not much botrytis.
2016 Château Coutet, Barsac

Lovely nose: there's a hint of pine needle to the lemon fruit and rich botrytis - lemon meringue pie. Rich and balanced and sustained, with a mineral core. Lemon and lime. Long, with spice to the death. Love this.
2016 Château Doisy Daëne, Barsac
Leafy this: airy and Sauvignon led. But seemingly npot much botrytis. Bit of lemon fruit on the nose. Palate is rich; tastes richly of lemons. Very nice concentration and a fine dense minerality. A pine-like note and spiciness to the mineral death. Very nice.
2016 Château Doisy Védrines, BarsacDried white flowers here and lemon and grapefruit touched by the botrytis. A rich wine, a bit less dense than the above. But it's fresher, long and linear. Mineral, too. Direct and long with great sustain. Love this. A complete thing.
2016 Château de Fargues, Sauternes
Caramel and candied lemons with botrytis over. Quite toasty. This is quickly lemon fresh. It has real thrust to it. Long and really spicy, this. Very nice, but perhaps just lacking at the finish.

2016 Château Guiraud, Sauternes (tasted at the UGC)Rich nose of mixed citrus: grapefruit and lemon. Very mineral wine, fresh and dense. Lots here. Fabulous rich and toasty finish. Very good.
2016 Château Guiraud, Sauternes (tasted at Canon La Gaffelière)
Big, rich nose of key lime pie and custard. Lemons. Palate offers a big rich weal of very concentrated fruit. A bit of ginger. Really dense, compact and spicy. Fabulous. 
2016 Clos Haut Peyraguey, Sauternes
Another wine of intense colour. Cold samploe and rather shy. Very rich and dense. Rather unnuanced at the moment, but sustained density and those toasted minerals to finish. Nicely fresh. Slightly odd sample, but should be very good.

2016 Château Lafaurie Peyraguey, SauternesDried white flowers and lemon fruit aromas. Airy. This is lovely: rich and lemon fresh. Linear. Long and lemon leaf. Nice grip and sustain. A pretty thing of good drive and piquant finishing minerality.
2016 Château de Rayne Vigneau, Sauternes
Lots of dense spiciness to the pineapple chunk scented nose. A bit shy. Very sweet wine, very gingery with a slightly bitter-fresh core. Ginger beer with decent botrytis breadth. Very spicy. Dense and structured and nicely long, with a toasty throughput. Lovely.

2016 Château Rieussec, SauternesPale canary yellow. Nose really quite shy. Some toastiness and apply fruit. A dense and fresh and structured wine. Long enough and with a core of freshnes, a tad firmer. Spice here in abundance. Fresh ginger burn. Pretty elemental. WAIT.

2016 Château Romer du Hayot, Sauternes

Touch of stinky reduction to the sample. Kaffir lime leaf notes and fresh lime. Very sweet with a pine-like flavour. Just lacks a bit of punch at the core. Finishes well though.
2016 Château Sigalas Rabaud, Sauternes
A lemon fresh nose, very clean. Palate is a rich weal of cleanly ripe fruit: lemon and lemon flowers. Long and becoming toasty with earthy texture. Sustained grip. This is really very good.

2016 Château Suau, BarsacA wheaten nose, not that pronounced. Lemon notes…then a lemon and pear palate. Great energy to this linear and direct wineLong and there's a bit of botrytis to the palate. Gingery, with rocks and toast. Very good. Very spicy death.
2016 Château Suduiraut, Sauternes
94S; 6SB. 13.8%abv.
Delicious nose: richly on nutty, toasty botrytis and fruit of lime and lime flowers and other citrus. The entry offers a rich weal of fat fruit up front. This is dense and very lovely. Pretty orange fruit is a touch mineral beneath. Quite forward wine. Very long, with some mineral freshness. Can drink soon.

2016 Château La Tour Blanche, SauternesBoldly coloured wine. Nose is rather shy. There's some ginger, but not much else (the sample was very cold). Rather spicy. Dense and rich and gingery, with very nice freshness and peppery spice. Fresh and long and quite incisive at the back. Toasty with a coarse minerally textured ending.

2016 Château d'Yquem, Sauternes
135g/ltr residual sugarPale yellow. Botrytis in evidence and a delicious mixture of citrus fruit inc orange and lime and lemon. Some pine resin and lemon custard with a toasty wisp. Delicious citrus fruit flavours on the palate: oranges, with a very nice linear delivery. Gains a fresh minerality half way through and pushes with controlled energy to a very long finish. And that finish is superbly composed with dense sustain. Very, very long wine. Disarming, elegant, subtle.

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