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Expanding Wine Drinkers' Horizons: The Daily Drinker Wine Club

The Daily Drinker

Members of our Daily Drinker educational wine sampling club have received some cracking wines in recent months (even if I do say so myself). Among immediate past mailings have been bottles of wine made from such extraordinary and lesser-known grape varieties as Lacrima, Dafni, Garganega and Tinto Velasco (you can click on these links to find out more about these unusual varieties and to see videos of me tasting the wines). 

We send DD samples through to a select bunch of wine writers and we have been honoured with not only a Wine of the Week slot on the website of celebrated journalist Joanna Simon, but also a blog post about The Daily Drinker Wine Club and some of our wines.

Her Wine of The Week was 2015 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Venea, Italy - £9.50/bottle

The other wines she highlights in her blog post are:

2015 Maturana Blanca, Nivarius, Spain - £12.00

2015 Trousseau Arbois, Château Bethanie, France - £14.00
2016 Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, Cantina Zaccagnini, Italy - £12.50
2016 Tinto Velasco Ocho y Media, Finca La Estacada, Spain - £9.50

First and foremost, we suggest you order some of these wines to find out exactly how fabulous they really are (minimum purchase is 6 bottles, but can be mixed from any of our wines. Delivery is £7.50 but FREE 12 bottles+).

Better yet, why not sign up to The Daily Drinker and find out just how exciting the world of wine has become?
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