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A Fine Delivery

Isabella Jane Bowes: the fruit of her mother's labour(s)

I made a fundamental mistake in my circular email announcing the arrival of Baby Bowes Mk.2. When one's offspring show a determined unwillingness to enter the world, their arrival is greeted with such an outpouring of personal relief one imagines the whole world has shared in the lightening of mood that accompanies the birth. Thus I started the announcement with the word "Enfin", followed by an exclamation mark. I then proceded to give such details as seem appropriate in these circumstances: weight; sex etc. I could, at that time, give no name, as we had yet to settle on one. One always likes to have a look at the horses in the paddock before the race, otherwise the strapping grey gelding you pictured from its super-hero style name on the form turns out to be an undersized brown limper with buck teeth.

Anyway, "Enfin" was how I started the email and "Enfin" was what many friends and clients assumed we had decided to call our new arrival, perhaps thinking that we'd been so engrossing ourselves in the pages of Hello and Heat magazines in the run-up to the birth that the Hollywood habit of freestyle baby dubbing had rubbed off on us.

I apologise unreservedly for the unintended misapprehension I have caused. Her name is Isabella Jane Bowes, unhyphenated please (see above comment re Hollywood). Mother and daughter are in fine fettle and Joseph is adapting well to being one of two apples of his parents' collective eye (as opposed to having the monopoly).

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