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New Service from Bowes Wine...and What, Exactly, is Marcillac?

Joseph wants Isabella to participate in his line-dancing homework. She doesn't really like it, but capitulates under duress

I've long been aware that there are heaps of superb wines imported into the UK that simply aren't selling. One can sympathise with the buyers of these wines. They're touring Italy/France/Spain etc. and come across something really thrilling that their hearts tell them simply must appear in their catalogue back home. Trouble is, who's going to buy a Croatian wine made from the Fer Servadou grape (I use this for example only; I very much doubt such a thing exists), no matter how good it is?

This got me thinking. Surely importers of such arcane liquids would support the marketing of such; be all for a merchant attempting to bring these somewhat outré fluids onto the tables of our nation of wine drinkers.

So was born the concept of The Daily Drinker. And launched The Daily Drinker has now been.

This is intended to be a wine club, its members receiving pairs of bottles on a monthly basis. Bottles come accompanied by my tasting note on the wine, along with details of the regions of origin and producer. It is intended to be an educational experience all 'round (for me, too, of course!), with members having their minds and palates expanded through new vinous experiences.

You can find our more about it at our website - - by clicking on Daily Drinker in the main menu.

I was, incidentally, tasting a Marcillac last evening, made almost entirely from Fer Servadou. I am not sure that it is quite of a standard to merit inclusion in a Daily Drinker mailing, but the spice/variety adage was being tested and found to be true.
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