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New Notes of Bowes Wine Wines

Over the past year or so we have sampled a number of wines that Bowes Wine has offered in the past. Whilst Caspar would like to have cases in his cellar of all the wines he has ever selected for Bowes Wine offerings, sad to say it is just not possible.

Here's a mixed bag of wines we've pulled from Caspar's cellar over the last year. All were consumed at home, most with food, thus they had their best shot at stardom!:

2003 Brentino, Maculan - Offered September 2005. Original Drink Dates 2006-12
N.B. I consider that this should be drunk over the next year or so
Almost opaque garnet in the glass with a narrow band at the rim
There is some of the 2003 vintage about the nose, with aromas of dry spice and cocoa powder. I also found meat and spiced black plums and a hint of dark chocolate. There are mineral notes, smoke and notes of inky beetroot
This is full of rich, slightly chunky tannins. Grippy in the mouth and quite fresh enough (seemingly naturally). This is nicely long and very mineral and wears its alcohol very well. There are milk chocolate flavours around the finish. This is a highly structured wine and not a subtle one. It is, however, very satisfying, especially with some rich food.

2003 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Les Narbantons, Ecard - Offered February 2005. Original Drink Dates 2007-14
N.B. Being cautious, I would amend the drinking dates to now-2012
Concentrated black aromas of dusty bramble and blueberry. Dry spice/pepper notes here, plus a very rooty/earthy beetroot Pinot note.
This is loaded with very fine tannins. The fruit is both red and black on the palate. This is a long and (as one would expect of this torrid vintage) quite burly burgundy. Certainly one for food!

2003 Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Vaucrains, Chicotot - Offered February 2005. Original Drink Dates 2009-16
This wine is a complete atavism: odd and funky and old-fashioned. As such, I am not 100% sure about its longevity. Perhaps drink now-2013. DECANT AT LAST TWO HOURS BEFORE DRINKING
A deep ruby/garnet in the glass with a medium-widebricking band at the rim
The nose on opening is really pretty funky, with old sulphur aromas and a green bean note i.e. not especially pleasant! However, give it a few hours in a decanter to breathe and it cleans up completely, giving up cocoa and spice notes, along with delightful black plum and cherry fruit.
The palate is supple, with pastille-like fruit and slightly grainy, medium tannins. This is quite long enough, with juicy acidity at the end. Nice grip. This is old school burgundy in an unrefined state. No gloss here, but drink it with some wild food and it's delicious.

2003 Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Vaucrains, Camille-Giroud - Offered February 2005. Original Drink Dates 2010-18
N.B. I should take delivery of this wine soon and try a bottle. It is very delicious. 2018 might be a bit ambitious as an end date, however. 2014 might be more sensible.
Lovely creamy nose of red and black fruit, some plum, cherry and haw, plus blueberry
This is remarkably cool-seeming. The tannins are ripe and very fine, a touch tacky. The grip starts half way through the palate and just eases forward to the very long finish. Fresh and nutty, with integrated medium acidity. Nice shape here. Lovely wine showing a certain class.

2004 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Caillerets, Guy Amiot - Offered February 2006. Original Drink Dates 2010-18
N.B. My thinking about the age-ability of white burgundy has become more cagey since we offered this wine. It's drinking brilliantly now and I think will continue to do so until 2014
A good, positive yellow/lemon colour
A medium pronounced nose and a mineral one. Talcum powder rich, including a Chablis-like gunflint smokiness. There's an almost milk chocolate richness to the ripe, yellow pear fruit. Hazelnut.
A cool, fluid wave of fruit on entry, then very mineral. A very direct and clear cut palate. Cool yellow fruits, with medium plus acidity fabulously covered. Very long and there's a hint of menthol or wintergreen in the mouth. Concentrated and highly focussed. The finish is like a dagger's thrust. Fabulous stuff.

2000 Girolamo, Castello di Bossi - Offered November 2005. Original Drinker Dates 2008-15
N.B. I think I have overstated drinking dates here. I think would be best consumed over the next 2-3 years
Opaque black garnet bowl. Very narrow band at the rim, the sort of tawny ruby old blood goes after just a few hours
A pretty fully tertiary nose, albeit one with no hint of decay. Quite complex aromas of cold tea, liquorice root and a cake-like black fruit concentration. Hint of charcoal and coffee.
A cool palate and one full of fine, furry tannins (not inconsiderable). The juicy crunch kicks in half way through the palate. There's a nice leathery concentration to the first half of the palate and the wine then grips right through to a long finish. Black fruit. Hint of mineral at the back. Black plum fruit. Real structure here. Food wine. Beef Wellington?

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